I am now going to be venting out my frustrations of being on crutches for the next month and a half and the struggles of crutching across my college campus and not being able to play rugby

On sunday I had a rugby tourney and I got hurt within the first few minutes after being put in. I had possession of the ball and got tackled -my foot must have been flexed and my weight and the weight of the other girl came down on my foot with my bones almost stacked (if that makes any sort of sense) I have bad ankles and wear braces on them for support so after I went down I just thought it was another sprained ankle. 

I often forget I have a high tolerance for pain, seeming how I went 2 days with 4 broken bones by taking 3 advil liquid gels every 4 hours. I went to the orthopedist I am in a hard cast for 2 weeks with crutches, then a boot with crutches for another 2 weeks, then a boot and physical therapy. 

Reasons why I hate life right now:

  • can’t finish 7’s rugby season
  • can’t workout and continue to lose weight (before my trip to mexico) 
  • i am going to lose muscle mass in my lower body and I have slaved myself over in the gym’
  • my left side of my body is so much weaker as it is -last january I had surgery on my hand I am finally evening out my left arm, now every things going to be off
  • can’t get around my college campus
  • spring weekend is next week I am fucked because I can’t wall 
  • oh and I’ve missed 4 days of classes already and I am so behind

The biggest thing I am so upset over is not being able to be active for some time. I currently can’t put any pressure on my cast. In december I started getting serious with myself and my workouts, gym 5 days a week, 1 day of yoga, and 1 day of rest. I went back to college which makes eating well just more difficult then rugby started so I just started to lean out from all the sprints and running. 

The somewhat positive things of a broken leg & foot:

  • my back/shoulder/upper body will get more mass and stronger from crutching around campus
  • now I will work abs (thats all I really can do)
  • I got perks 
  • physical therapy will be hell but I am tough and I will be able to walk-run-sprint shorty after I get cleared to walk

This injury will not fuck with my mental (just a year and 3 month ago I broke my thumb and had surgery. I quickly got depressed) Its very hard to keep your own spirits up when I know well enough how limited I am at the moment. 

I will keep you all updated, Thanks for reading my logic.

I have a fractured fibula and 3 fractured metatarsals. SO I have a broken leg and foot. Great.